Mar 30, 2015

When you don't have Jack Cooke

“East, west,” Parker interrupted, “it‟s still a basement. There‟s next to no natural lighting, the ceilings are barely seven feet, concrete floors, parged walls, pipes everywhere.” 
“All the better for a Man Cave. Besides, why do you think I keep him around?” he gestured at Jack. 
“He‟s more than a pretty face.” 
“Take a cavernous basement and remodel it into a MEA? That‟s Manly Entertainment Area, to you civilians,” Jack explained as interest lit in his smoky eyes. “I can do that.”

Happy Ever After


Houzz Quiz: What Should You Do With a Basement?

Take our quiz to find out if you should turn your subterranean space into a London pub, a Lego lounge or something else.


By the time Malcolm came back up—and damn if Jack hadn‟t made him see a space as slick, maybe even slicker, than the testosterone paradise in Del‟s current house—Mrs. Grady, Emma, Laurel, and Parker had made a serious dent in the clearing up.

Happy Ever After

Mar 13, 2015

Irish Recipes For St. Patrick's Day

It Might have been an ordinary gathering of Friends and Family on a rainy night. The little fire simmering in the kitchen hearth, with the big dog snoring in front of it. 
The wine Connor pulled out, uncorked, and poured generously into glasses. Volunteers dutifully peeling and chopping small mountains of potatoes and carrots, mincing garlic and onions while the hostess busied herself dredging chunks of beef in flour, browning it in a big, sturdy pot on the stove. 
The scents rising up, teasing of what was to come, and the mix of voices all talking to or over one another.



"IrishStew Guinness" by User:Jpatokal - 
Own photo. Licensed under GFDL via Wikimedia Commons -

Irish Recipes For St. Patrick's Day That AREN'T Corned Beef And Cabbage

Good news: There's absolutely no need to eat one more bite of corned beef and cabbage on Saint Patrick's Day, because it's about as Irish as spaghetti and meatballs. Feel free to let out a sigh of relief, but don't put down your fork just yet. There are other, greater dishes to eat that will help you celebrate St. Patrick -- all of them 1,000 times more appetizing and authentic than what you're used to eating.
It's pretty common knowledge that the Irish make great bread, which is so easy to bake, too. They're also really handy with a potato (the recipes below are all the proof you need of that). And they stew better than most anyone. Behold, the 10 recipes you need to have the best Saint Patrick's Day of your life. Or at least the most delicious one.

Feb 26, 2015

When Life imitates Art

The light from the lamp slanted over her face, caught something, something in her eyes that jiggled at the corners of his memory.
"Did you have a picture on the wall? Flowers, white flowers in a blue vase?"
Her fingers tightened on the brush. "Yes, in my bedroom in New York. One of my watercolors. Not a very good one."
"And you had colored bottles on a table. Lots of them, different sizes and stuff."
"Perfume bottles." Her throat was closing again, so she was forced to clear it. "I used to collect them."
"You let me sleep in your bed with you." His eyes narrowed as he concentrated on the vague blips of memory. Soft smells, soft voice, colors and shapes. "You told me some story, about a frog."
The Frog Prince. Into her mind flashed the image of how a little boy had curled against her, the bedside lamp holding back the dark for both of them, his bright-blue eyes intense on her face as she'd calmed his fears with a tale of magic and happily ever after.
"You had—when you came to visit, you had bad dreams. You were just a little boy."
"I had a puppy. You bought me a puppy."
"Not a real one, just a stuffed toy." Her vision was blurring, her throat closing, her heart breaking.
"You… you didn't have any toys with you. When I brought it home you asked me whose it was, and I told you it was yours. That's what you called it. Yours."

Inner Harbor


(Painting: The Elder Sister - William-Adolphe Bouguereau)

I read this story and it reminded me of one of my favorite Nora's Books - Inner Harbor. 

Love lasts. Forever.

Yeny llevaba 30 años sin saber nada de Francisco, el niño que acogió


"I didn't think you remembered me. Or any of the time you stayed with me in New York."
"I thought I'd made it up." It was too hard to sit in the boat and look so far up. He climbed out, then sat on the dock to dangle his legs. "Sometimes I'd dream about some of it. Like the stuffed dog and stuff."
"Yours," she murmured.
"Yeah, that's pretty lame. She didn't talk about you or anything, so I thought I'd just made it up."
"Sometimes…" She took the risk and sat beside him. "Sometimes it was almost like that for me, too. I still have the dog."
"You kept it?"
"It was all I had left of you. You mattered to me."

Inner Harbor