Oct 8, 2015

What It's Like to Be a Single Dad

Their eyes met in the mirror again; he rested his chin on her shoulder. She smelled of the pale green soap she loved because it was shaped like a dinosaur. Her face was so much like his own, yet softer, finer, and to him infinitely beautiful.
"You could, but then tomorrow would be your first day of school. You'd still have butterflies."
"Right here." He patted her tummy. "Doesn't it feel like butterflies dancing in there?''
That made her giggle. "Kind of."
"I've got them, too."
"Really?" Her eyes opened wide.

Taming Natasha


By nerissa's ring (Flickr: girl, lost) [CC BY 2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

Parents are constantly shamed for their choices. From how we feed our children to how we educate them, everyone has an opinion. The result? Moms and dads feel endlessly judged for the choices they make — even if they have no other options. This week, families around the country are sharing their inspiring, funny, honest, and heartbreaking stories with Yahoo Parenting in an effort to spark conversations, a little compassion, and change in the way we think about parenting forever. Share your story with us — #NoShameParenting.


Full-custody single dads are a growing group, with 24 percent of single-parent homes headed up by fathers — a ninefold increase since 1960,according to the Pew Research Center. But living that reality can still feel pretty lonely for the man managing everything for his family solo.
To find out what it’s like to be a single father, Yahoo Parenting sat down with 42-year-old Ian. 


"Dad." She giggled, as she always had, when he scooped her off her feet for a hug. "Oh, it's so good to see you. I've missed you." She blinked back tears she hadn't expected as she reached out for Natasha. "I've
missed you both so much."
"The house isn't the same without you." Natasha rocked in the tight embrace, then eased back. "But look at you! So sleek and polished. Spence, where's our little girl?"
"She's still in there." He bent to kiss Freddie again.


"You've accomplished a lot in less than a month," Spence pointed out. There was a little ache, just under his heart. He expected it would always be there when he thought of his baby living away from him. 
But there was pride, as well, and that was what showed in his eyes as he draped an arm around her shoulders.

Waiting for Nick

Oct 5, 2015


She closed the distance to give Tracie a handshake, then a hug, to fuss over the dogs. To laugh with Sylvia, he noted.

She did have an appealing way, he supposed. If you liked the ├╝beroutgoing, the type who tended to touch or embrace in a kind of second nature.

The Search


"Conchita Wurst Ballhausplatz 18-05-2014 40 Free Hugs" by Manfred Werner (Tsui) - Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons - https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Conchita_Wurst_Ballhausplatz_18-05-2014_40_Free_Hugs.jpg#/media/File:Conchita_Wurst_Ballhausplatz_18-05-2014_40_Free_Hugs.jpg

The Way You Hug Someone Reveals An Enormous Amount About Your Relationship

Happiness and well-being author Kulraj writes, “Hugging is, in fact, just an extended form of a fundamental human need: touch. An abundance of research has shown that skin-to-skin contact between a mother and newborn yields important physical and psychological benefits.” He continues that as we grow into adulthood, “the importance of touch does not diminish.”

Because hugs and physical contact are so important to who we are as human beings, and because we are all so drastically different, it comes as no surprise that there are actually so many different types of hugs. So it makes total sense that each type of hug can reveal a lot about the relationship between the two huggers.


Once they reached Orcas, there were more hugs. He’d never seen people so addicted to squeezing one another.

The Search

Jul 23, 2015

THE Stump

Gary set the machine to idle when the stump rolled free. “You got yourself a stump.”
Simon ran his gloved hand over the body, along one of the thick roots. “Oh yeah.”
“Happiest I’ve seen you look since I met you. Let’s get her in the bucket.”
Once they were rolling out of the woods, the bucket full of stump, Gary glanced over. “I want you to
let me know what you do with that thing.”
“I’m thinking a sink.”
Gary snorted. “You’re going to make a sink out of a stump?”

The Search


Today I was searching for Bath Supplies and found this:


“I’ve got a few things going. Let’s take a walk.”
“Beach or woods?”
“Woods first, then beach. I need to find another stump.”
“Simon! You sold the sink.”
“I’m keeping that one, but Syl got a look at it and says she’s got a client who’ll want one.”
“You’re keeping it.”
“Half-bath downstairs needs a bump.”
“It’ll be fabulous.” She glanced over at the dogs, back at Simon. Her guys, she thought. “Come on,
boys. Let’s go help Simon find a stump.”

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